Production Facilities

Zhejiang Beili Electric Power Technology Co.Ltd (BEILI)As a factory, we have perfect equipment to produce power fittings and cable accessories for high and low voltage distribution systems. The capacity of BEILI plant is 10,000 square meters, with dozens of equipment and production facilities that are constantly expanding.

Prouduce facility count 9 workshop that possess correspond technologies

1.Plastic molding workshop

1.Plastic molding workshop

2.Press forming workshop

2.Press forming workshop

3. CNC machining center workshop

3.CNC machining center workshop

4. CNC lathes workshop

4.CNC lathes workshop

5. Low-pressure die-casting workshop

5.Low-pressure die-casting workshop(2)
5.Low-pressure die-casting workshop

6. High-pressure die-casting workshop

6.High-pressure die-casting workshop(2)
6.High-pressure die-casting workshop

7. Metal processing workshop

7.Metal processing workshop(2)
7.Metal processing workshop

8. Production tool workshop

8.Production tool workshop (2)
8.Production tool workshop

9. Product Assembly Workshop

9.Product Assembly Workshop(2)
9.Product Assembly Workshop(3)
9.Product Assembly Workshop(4)
9.Product Assembly Workshop

Beili has improved its production facilities to improve its competitiveness and is able to offer reasonable prices to customers through research and development.

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