Bunched Cable Strain Clamp NXJ

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NXJ-A series bunched cable strain clamps (tension clamps) are used to fix and tighten 1KV LV ABC lines or overhead line with insulated neutral messenger.

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Cable cross-section


Breaking load (KN)

NXJ-1A(2 core)



NXJ-1A(4 core)



NXJ-2A(2 core)



NXJ-2A(4 core)



Product Introduction

● Made in four (two)-core paralleled groove paralleled gap structure. Put the four insulation cables into clamp according to circuit design without peeling off the coat, then tighten the bolt to bunch it.

● For inner block and filling pole with high strength, anti-climate resistance insulation plas1ic, It can be used for a long term.

● Adoptting wedge type self-tighten structure, after tightening the ring, it will be fixing, and get a quite big grasp strength.

● The cover plate adopts high strength aluminum alloy materials, light weight, and reduce the eddy current loss; (aluminum alloy strain clamp proprietary features of cluster).

● Products increased by six angle fixing device, more convenient installation (aluminum alloy strain clamp proprietary features of cluster).

● Easy to install without stripping, equipped with bolt.

Product Actua

1 (1)
1 (2)
1 (3)
1 (4)

Installation Method

Unscrew the nuts of the tensioning clamp.

Release the tensioning segment of the clamp to have enough space to place the cables (four cores or two cores)

Place the cables (four cores or two cores) in the tension clamp’s cable grooves.

With placed cables in appropriate cable grooves of tension clamp, pull the tensioning segment of the clamp and use wrench to tighten the nuts of the clamp till value of the torque as written on the clamp. This will establish proper fixation of the cables into the clamp.

Place the installed tension clamp on hook, bracket or other similar hanging segment on the wall, pole, etc.

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