Insulated terminals, also known as cold-pressed terminals, electronic connectors, and air connectors are all cold-pressed terminals. It is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection and is divided into the category of connectors in the industry. With the improvement of industrial automation and stricter and more precise industrial control requirements, the number of terminal blocks has gradually increased. With the development of the electronics industry, there are more and more types of terminals. In addition to PCB terminals, the most widely used are metal continuous terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals and so on. The cold-pressed terminal is mainly used to facilitate the connection of wires, which can gather one wire or multiple wires together, which is convenient and safe. Due to the wide variety of terminals, terminal selection has always been a headache for buyers. How to choose a model? First, you need to understand the application environment. Whether you need a tubular head, a round head, or a fork head. There are also round heads and fork heads that need to pay attention to the diameter of the mounting screws, otherwise they will not be installed at that time. Next, check the condition of the wires. Is the wire used for the connection rigid or flexible and what is the diameter of the wire? Choose the appropriate terminal according to these, do not buy too big or too small, which will affect the safe use. Finally, confirm the current and voltage that the terminal can withstand. Selecting a terminal with a low bearing capacity will cause terminal damage, and in severe cases it will affect the entire system. It also needs to meet international safety certification standards to support various industry applications.

Post time: Aug-23-2022