Cable Gland Accessories: Mechanical Shear Head Connectors

Cable connectors are an important part of power transmission and distribution systems. They come in many types and styles and are used to join two or more cables together. One of the most popular types of cable connector accessories is the mechanical shear head connector. These connectors are designed to connect aluminum or copper wires to circuits with a voltage of 1, 10KV.

Mechanical shear head connectors are used for cable connection of uninsulated conductor power cables. They offer excellent environmental protection and a long service life. The joints are made of high-strength aluminum material, upon request baraa can produce bolts.

One of the significant advantages of the mechanical shear head connector is that it does not require precisely sized compressive forces during the connection process. All required tension is achieved by shearing the bolt head with a hex wrench, thereby tightening the bolt. When the required torque is reached, the safety bolt shears, ensuring a stable electrical connection.

To ensure sustainable electrical contact, the splice cutting tips are tin plated and have an internal bonding grease. The construction of the bolt has several grooved "necks" so that head breaking occurs below the level or surface area of ​​the connector. The connector also has an internal structural diaphragm that defines the depth of the cable core.

The corrugated knurling of the inner surface of the cylindrical portion of the connector increases the surface area and mechanical strength of the contact connection. Each connector has an embossed marking indicating the nominal cross-sectional range of the cable and the manufacturer's logo for easy identification and replacement if necessary.

While mechanical shear head connectors are versatile, there are some precautions to be taken when using them. First, the manufacturer's instructions must be followed carefully to ensure proper installation. In addition, do not use excessive force during installation, otherwise it may damage the connector and make the connection unreliable.

Also, always use the correct cable range on the connector to ensure it fits properly and provides a stable electrical connection. Incorrectly sizing connectors can lead to overheating and electrical fires, so it is critical to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

In summary, mechanical shear head connectors are an essential part of any power transmission and distribution system. They offer excellent environmental protection and long service life, and their unique design enables stable electrical connections without precise compression forces. By following the manufacturer's instructions and using the correct cable range, they can be a reliable and safe cabling solution.


Post time: May-06-2023